Nova Black™

Mon 7th Dec 2015 - 11:55am Nova Black™

The new Nova Black squad consists of the following players : 

Nova VecToR EU (GT-Gamertag) - Is the current Captain for Nova Black. His Twitter is (@Nova_Vector) 

Nova Methods EU (GT-Gamertag) this guy is a SMG slaying god very strong competitive player. His Twitter is (@MethodsEU)

Nova Shyllo EU (GT-Gamertag) A very strong Hybrid Slayer/OBJ Support/ OBJ player, he can adapt to any roll within the team and can quickly adapt to any opposition team's play styles. His Twitter is (@Corrosive_Legit)

Nova Black are currently scouting a strong AR (Assault Rifle) Anchor. To apply for a trial for Nova Black DM (Direct Message) any of these players Twitter accounts or Xbox Live accounts!




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